Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Merlin Falco columbarius

Merlin Falco columbarius (Хайргууна шонхор):

07.06.2010: (coordination: E 48.17004 N 108.64007)

Merlin was breeding on Carrion crow's Corvus corone nest which was on the tree near to the Kherlen river in Mungunmorit soum in Tuv aimag (province) in June, 2010. The female was perching on the old branch in about 150m from the nest. That time, the male was incubating on the nest and we also checked the nest and there were 4 eggs.

Female Merlin is perching on old branch (photo by Amarkhuu)

Second Merlin pair was nested on another tree about 3km from the first nest point (coordination E 48.09814 N 106.63361)

When we came there female was attacking to Black kites close to the nest and male was incubating in the nest. They were nested in magpie's nest. But we did not the check the nest because it was already getting cold. We did not want to disturb the falcon when they incubating in the cold weather condition.

Male Merlin is perching on the branch (photo by Gankhuyag)

This falcon is already breeding in Mongolia but we do not have enough evidences on breeding record for this falcon in Mongolia and this was good record for us.


  1. Их сайхан клуб байна. Хамт явж зураг авч баймаар санагдлаа.

  2. Hi Anjgai, comment khiisend bayarlalaa. Manai club yamar ch hund urgelj neelttei, ta bidentei holboo bariarai, bid amraltiin udruudeeree agaart garch shuwuudaa durandakh aylal khiideg yum.

  3. Herwee ter gazraar daraa jil ch yumuu ywah az taarwal zaawal ochij uznee. Gehdee neg uuree dahin ashigladag bolow uu?
    Ene jil Cyrcus melanoleucos, Falco columbarius, Emberiza aureola, Charadrius veredus geed zondoo olon howor shuwuudiin uur olood Huyagaa ah maani odtoi bailaa shuu.