Friday, September 3, 2010

Breeding Pied harrier in central Mongolia

04th of June, 2010
Gezeg Lake: coordination- E 47.00067, N108.20361

We recorded breeding Pied harrier in central Mongolia. It was Gezeg lake which is located 145km from the UB to south east. Taken photo for the male but it was too far away.

Male pied harrier (Photo by Gankhuyag)

When we come there female was carrion food near to the lake and male was attacking to the black kite in about 300m from the lake. So, 20 min later, female pied harrier came to the nest which is in reeds in the lake. After that, we found a nest in the reeds.

Pied harrier nest with 2 eggs (photo by Gankhuyag)

Breeding record on this species in Mongolia is usually in eastern Mongolia but this time we found a nest almost in central Mongolia.

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