Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bird news from Galba Gobi, 15th April - 15th May

18th May 2012; Photos by Huyagaa

Dear members
Bird news from Galba Gobi Important Bird Area in Mongolian South Gobi. We have recorded almost 140 species of birds since 15th April and here we posted some of bird photos we seen for you. We will try to send you more interesting news soon. The migrating birds are still coming and hope that we will have more migrants in May. Good birding! 
 Gobi Sun 
Daurian Jackdow
Daurian Jackdow's flock

Mongolian Ground Jay

Migrating Great Bustard

Male Lesser Kestrel

Tundra Swan spent 7 days at OT pond

Grey Headed Lapwing in flight

Grey Headed Lapwing in flight

Grey Headed Lapwing
Male Houbara Bustard

5 Relict Guls with 2 Black Headed Gulls

Mongolian accentor recorded near to OT site and Daichin zag too

Male Pallas's Sand Grouse in flight

Dalmatian Pelican on its migration near to Oyu tolgoi

Male Taiga Flycatcher

Daurian Starling

Desert Warbler

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